About Us


New Life Christian Academy is a school, grades K-3 through 12, which exists to serve the Christian community of Jefferson Parish as well as all others who embrace Biblical Christian values. We are located on the campus of New Life Church.    Our mission is to create, promote, and maintain a caring environment conducive to academic learning and spiritual growth, utilizing a quality educational curriculum that meets the needs of the whole child. Our mission extends to the affirmation and encouragement of each individual student as he/she develops his/her God-given gifts, using the Word of God as our foundational textbook on which we build all other academic and social disciplines. Our curriculum includes college and vocational programs with an emphasis on high academic achievement, good citizenship, Christian values and a strong sense of self-discipline. New Life Christian Academy aims to present to society young Christian men and women who are equipped with the academic, social, and spiritual tools to successfully pursue and attain their life’s goals and God-given purposes.  


  New Life Christian Academy is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools. The National Association of Private Schools is an independent, third party accreditation agency nonaffiliated with any state, secular or regional accrediting agencies. Students who graduate from NAPS accredited schools providing they have the proper academic credentials, testing and transcripts have entered colleges and universities. If a student chooses to re-enter a state accredited public school from a school accredited by NAPS, the receiving public school may choose to test the student to determine if he/she should be placed in the desired grade level or if certain credits may be transferred; whether the child is in grade school or high school. Although the vast majority of Public Schools are cooperative concerning transferring credits from schools accredited by NAPS, they are not required by law to automatically accept credits from any school.    The TOPS Program is a Louisiana Scholarship Fund given to deserving students based on academic criteria to attend a state university. In order for a child to participate, he/she must complete a specified core curriculum, score at least a 20 on the A.C.T. test and graduate from a state approved school. Although N.L.C.A. is registered with the state of Louisiana, we are not state approved. This means our students currently cannot participate in this program. We are, however, working on means to solve this obstacle. Please speak to the administrator if you would like additional information. This must be done immediately upon enrollment.